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This region is situated west of Ebonire and is divided into two main territories: Cambria Forest and a scattering of coastal towns and villages the biggest of which is Baldon. This area is not safe but open for business.

Cambria Forest is a ruin of a once great ancient Elven city of Locrin “city of trees.” It is now loosely ruled by two Elven women known only as The Queens of Locrin and an ancient Elven king named Thurruain. The two queens gained more power when Thurrain fell into disrepute over a nasty rumor concerning the human king Hengest’s grandson, Hayden.

This area is occupied mainly by wood elves, grey elves and centaurs.

The Badon region is all that is left of the ancient human coastal kingdom that protected Locrin and is proof of Elven-Human unity in the past. Now this region is ruled by a war lord named Hengest and his three children: sons Octha, Ebissa and daughter Rohawen. This area is occupied mainly by humans, halforcs and halfelves.

Hengest and Vertigern are constantly at war. Mercenaries are drawn into their battles.

Hengest claims he slew the Chaos-Elf.

POINT OF INTEREST: Volsung and Tree of Branstock
On the border of Cambria Forest and the Badon Region are a series of Halfling farms that surround an ancient fort called Volsung. It is built around a huge tree pierced by the sword of Branstock. Great tournaments are held for the right to free the sword and unite Elves and Humans once more. Centaur knights and paladins tend the tree and run the tournaments. This is the one place where a centaur paladin might share an ale with a halforc barbarian.

1. Human, Wood Elf, Half elf and Half Orc characters of any type can come from this region.
2. Human and halforc fighters, barbarians and clerics have a 55% chance of being connected with Hengest or his children and have bonuses and equipment.
3. Wood Elf and Half elf fighters and thieves have 55% chance of being connected with the Queens of Locrin and have bonuses and equipment.
4. Human female paladins, clerics or fighter/clerics have a 70% chance of being part of Rohawen’s Knights and have bonuses and equipment.
5. Female druids have a 70% chance of being connected to the Queens of Locrin.
6. Paladins have a 5% chance of being a centaur of Volsung and will have a hobbit

This city-state is situated east of Ebonire and is the largest city and port in the realm. A tall cliff divides the city into two sections: the commons at the bottom of the cliff and the Greater Vert Fortress at the top. Vert is the biggest manufacturer and shipper of arms in the entire realm. This city is occupied mainly by humans, dwarves, teflings and a curiously growing population of drow elves. This is the only place where a dwarf might have a flagon of wine with a drow elf.

Vert is ruled by king Vertigern who has proven himself brilliant in the art of war using steel, artillery and magic against the hobgoblins of the east Logris plains. Rumours have it that the Chaos-Elf Ameadie recently tried to assassinate Vertigern by conjuring a Chromatic Dragon from Vert’s crumbling tower. The great beast was scattered by two women: one was a wizard, who is thought to be dragon-born and the other was a cleric of Athena. Now dragon-kind totem warriors of the scattered chromatic dragon cult are wandering Vert and surrounding wilderness.

When drow elves started appearing at Vert, Logriswood, a forgotten stretch of forest west of Vert suddenly revealed itself to be a Grey Elf stronghold long thought to be extinct. Now Grey elves are seen in and around Vert. In response to the reforming of Logris, the Hobgoblins tried to form a treaty with the Lizardfolk King, but the king was assassinated by the Chaos-Elf. Vertigern then scattered the goblins.

The Logris Elves with the help of the Ebonire university are conducting archaeological digs at some recently discovered ruins in Logriswood but the efforts have been hampered by lizard-folk. A tiefling and handful of dragon-kind totem warriors were in control of the three lizard-folk tribes. Because of the tiefling’s serpentine appearance the tribes were conned into believing he was a minor deity. The Raven king’s agents slew him and then hosted a tournament where the three tribes competed for the right to breed a new Lizard King. The Dragon worshiping family now has the honor.

DURIN FOREST is a haven for outcasts. All races can be found here but dragonkind, halfelves, halforcs, gnomes and humans are the most common. A legendary ranger named Staivfen is the warden of the forest.

1. Human, Drow Elf, Grey Elf, Tiefling and Dwarf characters of any type.
2.Human and Dwarf magic users, fighters, clerics have a 60% chance of being connected to Vertigern.
5. Paladins have a 80% chance of being a Knight of Vert.
3. Drow Elf assassins and thieves have an 80% chance of being connected to “The Hand” a drow liberation movement.
4. Rangers have a 35% chance of being a Grey Elf Ranger of Logriswood.
6. A wizard of any race has a 45% chance of being connected to Vertigern.
7. A druid from Logriswood have a 45% chance of having ties to the Grey Elves or the Reptile king.

Most folks acknowledge this city-state as the disputed capital of the entire realm. The city is divided into four main sections: military, government, religion, trade. At the center of the city is the ancient and mysterious Ebon tower.

This ancient city was liberated by the great warrior Igon and the great sorceress Sah. The two still rule the city today and it has became the central hub of trade for all the local regions. Any course of study can be pursued here for this city has the best schools and colleges. All manner of tradesman and scholars can be found here. Ebonire boasts of a great naval fleet and a greater army. All races and classes can be found in Ebonire.

Sah has been missing for a few years. Igon has gone on a mad quest to find her. Before he left he put his son and daughter, Merylion and Merlanda in stewardship over the city.

POINT OF INTEREST: The Underground
Ebonire is home to the most ruthless assassin of all time, Sabenar. It is said he is the true ruler of the city because he owns and runs a vast black market and a huge thief/assassin ring that extends to all four corners of the realm.

1. Any character of any race can come from here and will have two extra equipment.
2. Female magic users have 70% chance of being connected to Sah (All wizards 20%)
3. Paladins have a 20% of being a Knight of Ebonire (very highly regarded)
4. Thieves and Assassins have a 50% chance of being connected to Sabenar.
5. All bards have a 35% chance of being from Ebonire.
6. All multiclass characters have a 35% chance of being from Ebonire.

This is a city situated on the northwest side of Brakenmere lake south of Edonire. It is the only known city where Dwarfs and Gnomes share power equally. This city is known for the manufacturing of exquisite ships and chariots as well as armor and swords.

Brakenforte is well protected and open for business.

The famous “Steam Monk Gnomes” are a group of powerful elemental gnome monks and are said to be the true power behind the Raven King’s steam empire.

A few years ago a dark gnome known only as the Raven King claimed power to the throne of Brakenforte. Amazingly, the hill and stone giants of the South Cambria mountains excepted the Raven King as their king and vowed to protect Brakenforte from orc raids out of the Nurn Crater mountains. Most Dwarfs and Gnomes of this region feel very strongly about their king.

1. Dwarf and Gnome characters of any type can come from this area.
2. Dwarf and Gnome magic users and illusionists have a 65% chance of being connected with the Raven King and will have certain bonuses and equipment.
3. All Dwarf and Gnome characters have a 20% chance of being connected with the Raven King.
4. A paladin of any race from this region has a 90% chance of being part of the Raven King’s famous “Crow Guard” and will have bonuses and equipment.
5. A barbarian fighter from this region has a 5% chance of being a Hill Giant.
6. Gnome arcane trickster rogues are a very popular class because they say they are imitating the Raven-King.


OSKLA The Twin Orc City “When your fancy shit fails, You reach for Osklian steel.”
This city is west of Badon across the Tryla channel. The main city is divided into two parts situated on twin plateaus with a great bridge connecting them. A great cavernous shaft delves into the ground under the bridge. No one knows how far the shaft goes. All manner of warfare equipment both big and small can be found here. Oskla is the 2nd biggest supplier of arms next to Vert. This is mainly occupied by orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, trolls and halforcs.

1.All halforcs have a 45% chance of being from Oskla
2. All halforc clerics have a 65% chance of being from here
3. Barbarian fighters have a 15% chance of being full orc, goblin or hobgoblin.
4. Thieves have 15% chance of being halfgoblin. (Bonuses)
5. Teifling sorcerers and warlocks are a favorite of the Osklain army.

This is the last of the great, un-ruined elven cities north of Ebonire across the sea. The city is said to be built on a the back of a giant creature.

1. High Elves of any class can be found here
2. High Elf fighters have a 50% to be from Sylan
3. Elf magic users have a 20% chance of being from here.


This is the first of the grand cities of men. Until the recent success and influence of Ebonire, not much magic or non humans were to be found here. Even though the Sylan kingdom is not far north of Tartessos, most residents are not aware of it’s existence and regard elves and dwarfs and wizards with great and possibly fearful curiosity. This city mostly consists of humans with marginally specialized skills. Middle class merchants and laborers are the most common type to found because Tartessos boasts the largest markets for exotic foods, spices, raw materials, livestock textiles. Indentured servitude and outright slavery are common place in Tartessos.
1.All human classes except wizards and clerics.
2Fighters have a 65% of having a Persian fighting style. (attack/damage Bonuses)
3.All human characters have two extra proficiency slots.(non magical and human oriented)
4.All human theives and assassins have a 45% chance of being connected to the underworld o f Tartessos (acrobatic bonuses)

This is a small ancient city-state built around one of the oldest castles known to exist. This city is divided into two by the Restin river and has two walls: an ancient west wall and a new east wall. The walls, towers and castle have been changed and rebuilt many times because Restinforde has long defended the trade route and river ford with the northern kingdoms. It’s current Baron is a paladin named Alanone who is responsible for the new wall, castle renovations and a new navel base. Expensive and high quality armor for horse and rider can be found here. Magical weapons and items are said to be common place in the street markets.
Restinforde (east) is known for it’s great knight feuds for the city is known to be a proving ground for cavaliers, paladins, and lawful fighters. It is a distinction for a lawful warrior to say they served and trained in the Restinforde army. This is perhaps the one place where chivalry is alive and well.
West Restinforde is less known but is rumored to be home to a powerful dark wizard/druid circle.
1.Any paladin(cleric level3) of any level from Restinford has a 30% chance of picking up lawful fighters and clerics (levels 1-6) as followers.
2.Wizard/Druid characters from this area have a 25% chance of being connected to the Restinforde dark circle.

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